{taiwan} english signs

February 17, 2016


With foreign tourists aplenty, Taiwan business, large and small, feel the need to post English signs. Although some of them don’t quite make it.


Whisky (without the ‘e’) just looks odd, although some accept it as a variant of Whiskey.

Not sure what KA, VA, LAN are about.

But, if it meant to say Kavalan, then Kavalan is one of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes.







dadposts-englishsigns2 Beer Club?







dadposts-englishsigns3 Cantonese Cuisine, maybe







Can you find the words that didn’t quite make it (there are two):

Sweet Patato Balls

Seweed Powder









dadposts-englishsigns5 This is more of a Chinglish than incorrect words.

Probably a sign the government makes business establishment post: to tackle a fire.


2 Responses to “{taiwan} english signs”

  1. annalice said

    hahahah this is so funny!!

  2. Whiskey is spelt this way in the US and Ireland. Almost everyone else uses whisky. It is an acceptable way to spell it.

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