{sf} grill for herbivores

February 23, 2016

Usually when I hear grill, I think about BBQ and a grill outside on a hot summers day packed with hot dogs and hamburgers. If it’s a little more fancy, there might be chicken and corn on the cob, too. Of course, the really fancy people also grill potatoes and vegetables. Never would I have imagined a grill that never serves any meat though!

My sister was recently in town and we decided to try Herbivore: The Earthly Grill, which serves a very wide variety of vegetarian options. Since my sister was doing a crazy fast at the time, she could only eat limited foods and this place even met her fast needs! Yum! My oyster mushroom and avocado sandwich along with soup of the day was absolutely delicious!



Lentil Loaf

Deluxe Falafel

Oyster Avocado Sandwich & Soup of the Day


One Response to “{sf} grill for herbivores”

  1. attrace said

    yeah this place was good!

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