[good reads] the nanny

February 28, 2016


goodreads-thenannyAwhile ago, I visited a book sale that was in support of the San Francisco Public Library. I picked up 3 books for just $1-$2 each. There really were so many options, but I ended up with two non-fictions and one fiction, the latter just to indulge my love for stories. I decided to read the fiction book first. At first, The Nanny by Melissa Nathan seemed a bit cheesy, but the more I read, the more I couldn’t put the book down. It all started pretty simple with a small town girl who decides she’s bored with her small town life and decides to become a nanny in London. It’s such a rough transition and she misses her boyfriend so much! It turns out though, things are not what they seem, both on the small town front and her new family’s front! I wish the author got to the exciting stuff a little quicker because I really did consider putting the book down it was getting a little slow near the beginning. Nevertheless, I’m glad I kept on reading. I guess you’ll just have to do the same to find out all the plot twists, too!


One Response to “[good reads] the nanny”

  1. annalice said

    this reminds me of the show The Nanny!

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