{sf} guys all about the boba

February 29, 2016

My sister who lives in New York City told me about Boba Guys because they happened to have a pop up store front in NYC awhile back. She told me that the original is in San Francisco. After looking it up, I realized that one of their two locations really isn’t that far from where I live so I headed down there recently to find out what all the hype was about. I mean, nobody can beat real boba milk tea like they make in Taiwan, right?

Well, I was right. Taiwan is definitely better, but I would say that Boba Guys is pretty good, too. I should have ordered my original Boba Milk Tea with half the sugar though, because it was quite sweet! Even still, the tapioca balls were just the right texture, and that’s the best part!

Welcome! – No line when we got there!


My Boba Milk Tea


3 Responses to “{sf} guys all about the boba”

  1. annalice said

    i agree, the tapioca balls make or break it!! half sugar is also the way to go!

  2. ammagrace said

    AW DAJIE YAY!!!!!!!!

  3. Suaylia said

    I only tried boba once and it was so goood!

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