{davis} six dollars at raja’s

March 6, 2016

On the way back to the City from Lake Tahoe, you have to venture around Sacramento and then pass through Davis, home of UC Davis. One snowboarding weekend, we stopped in Davis on the way home because there was an interesting spot that popped up on Yelp. We didn’t realize it at the time, but this spot is right next to campus. It was super interesting because it boasted about its healthy Indian food (with many vegetarian and vegan options) along with its buffet that costs only $5.95 + tax so for only a bit more than $6 we could eat as much Indian food as we wanted! Granted we were starving, but this was just about the best food find ever! While the food didn’t taste the same as some authentic Indian options since they use healthier ingredients, everything was super flavorful and delicious and I’m so glad I got the try this random place. Next time I pass through Davis, I’m going to eat at this place again!


My $6 plate!


One Response to “{davis} six dollars at raja’s”

  1. annalice said

    6 bucks for a buffet?! thats such a deal!

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