{nashville} tennessee-style parthenon

March 8, 2016

Did you know that there’s quite a bit of Greece in Nashville? I don’t know if there are a lot of people from Greece there (I’m guessing not a whole lot), but there’s definitely something very Greek in Nashville. What?, you ask? The Parthenon, of course!

This Parthenon (located in West Nashville) is the centerpiece of Centennial Park. This full-scale replica of the real one from ancient Greece is also home to a full-scale model of a 42-foot statue of Athena! This Athena Parthenos statue was done by Alan LeQuire in the 1990s. As a standing ovation to classical architecture, this Parthenon was built originally in 1897 for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, but this version, along with the other structures built for that event, wasn’t permanent. In 1931, however, this permanent version was complete and stands today as a testament to the powerful voice of the citizens who wanted the exact replica to become permanent because they just loved it so much!

Who knew that going to Nashville would give me a taste of Athens, Greece without ever having to leave the country!

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A Greek Tennessee photo adventure:






One Response to “{nashville} tennessee-style parthenon”

  1. annalice said

    wow pretty cool!!

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