{nashville} resting biscuit face

March 26, 2016

Have you ever stood in line for a ridiculous amount of time truly risking the fact that the place you’re waiting to get into just isn’t going to be that great? That was my thought during my almost two hour wait to get into Biscuit Love. Thankfully, I was only being pessemistic because Biscuit Love turned out to be well worth the two hour wait. On a side note, you have to wonder if the food just tasted that much better because I was just that much hungrier though!

The good thing about having to wait in line for so long (I mean, I’m gasping at straws here) is the fact that you get a good long time to figure out what you want to order. I really was having a hard time choosing between two of their breakfast biscuit places:

East Nasty: Biscuit, Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh, Aged Cheddar, Sausage Gravy
Princess: Biscuit, Nashville Style Spicy “Hot Chicken”, Pickles, Mustard, Honey

What’s even better about waiting in line for so long though is that you get to chat with the hostess and she informed some of the people in front of us that you can actually combine the Easy Nasty and the Princess and order a Nasty Princess! This was my dream come true. A Nasty Princess is the East Nasty with Nashville Style Spicy “Hot Chicken” instead of the regular chicken thigh. And let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS!

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Not only is it a biscuit cutter, it’s an eff separator, too!




Vegetarian Grits

Nasty Princess


One Response to “{nashville} resting biscuit face”

  1. annalice said

    omgoshhh this reminds of me the southern food I ate in atlanta!! so amazing

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