{nashville} crema caffeine

March 28, 2016

Crema is another example of the city of Nashville and its businesses not being able to keep up with the new group of millennials that have infiltrated and are demanding hipper places to eat and drink. Crema is a really cool coffee shop in the heart of Nashville and because it’s a cool coffee shop in the heart of Nashville, it was packed when we got there at a random time on a random day. After waiting in time for a ridiculous amount of time (for coffee!) with tons of other millennials, we finally got a chance to order. In the end, we decided on some drinks (extra dry cappuccino and café cubano) as well as a slice of their delicious Jalapeño Quiche, which was quite the expert decision, because that quiche was delicious! The coffees were, too! I can definitely see why this place is packed!

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Extra Dry Cappuccino

Café Cubano

Jalapeño Quiche


2 Responses to “{nashville} crema caffeine”

  1. annalice said

    how did you guys find all these little nashville eats? yelp?

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