{nashville} country music hall

March 29, 2016

Nashville is where country music has its roots so it makes sense that the Country Music Hall of Fame is also located in their great city. I truly appreciate how cool this building is. I don’t know if it was the intention, but I really feel like it reflects a country ballad, the way it flows and curves. It’s way too bad that it costs $25 to see this museum though because even though I’m sure its exhibits are quite interesting, I’m just not into country music enough to dish up $25 to see them. Nevertheless, there are parts of the building that are open for cheapskates like me including a guy who places country music near the entrance of the exhibits. So at least I got to enjoy all that!

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A country music photo adventure:




nashville-countrymusic4 nashville-countrymusic5 nashville-countrymusic6 nashville-countrymusic7 nashville-countrymusic8


One Response to “{nashville} country music hall”

  1. annalice said

    you actually got to see quite a lot despite not going in!

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