{nyc} the composting life

March 30, 2016


In one of my classes, Sustainable Systems, we were required to compost for one week. Composting in New York City is pretty easy because there are multiple drop-off locations throughout the city. One of the difficulties was having to keep the compost in the freezer. Sharing a freezer with three other people and composting? Not an easy task. My roommate complained about her hashbrowns tasting weird when my compost bag was next to them in the freezer! Finally, the week was up and I had to weigh my compost and estimate how much food scrap is produced by various populations. (The United States alone would produce 30,990,138,088 pounds a year!) Afterwards, I dropped it off at the Union Square Community Compost. It was a good experience and a little life-changing. I just might want to compost for the rest of my life.

A composting photo adventure:






One Response to “{nyc} the composting life”

  1. annalice said

    I went with you to compost!!

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