[room 113a] random trip to the randall

March 31, 2016


The English kindergarten class, the English second grade class, and my class are the perfect trifecta of classes. We share many students (and siblings). For this very reason, we’ve gone on a few field trips together this year including this one last week to the Randall Museum. Now, when we booked this field trip, we didn’t know that the actual Randall Museum would be closed and that we would be visiting it at an alternate location (Mission Science Center). Granted I’ve never been to the real Randall Museum before and I’m told it is quite small, but I was a little disappointed with this trip. For sure the students had a lot of fun, but did they really see/learn much? Not really.

I guess the Randall Museum keeps animals that cannot be returned to the wild. So we saw a bunch of animals that live at the museum for various reasons. That’s about it though. Sad!

A random Randall photo adventure:






One Response to “[room 113a] random trip to the randall”

  1. annalice said

    wow so many field trips! lucky students!

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