{nashville} quick stillery bites

April 2, 2016

For our last meal in Nashville before we had to hightail it out of the city, we stopped in for a quick meal at The Stillery, located downtown where all the tourist attractions are. This meant this place was packed, but we did get a table right away and our food rather quickly, too. While I wouldn’t say that this food was necessarily a reflection of the fact that we were in the South, it was quite delicious and my Brussel Sprout Pie (pizza) was so big I had plenty of it left for the road. Yum!

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Mason jar water glasses

Crab Cake

Brussel Sprout Pie with no bacon

One Response to “{nashville} quick stillery bites”

  1. annalice said

    that is the funniest pizza i have ever seen, almost the whole pizza consists of the crust!

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