{tennessee} george dickel’s whisky

April 5, 2016

There are many, many whiskey distilleries in Tennessee. I’m told the clear spring water that runs is an important ingredient for delicious whiskey. During my time in Tennessee, I visited two whiskey distilleries, the first of which was George Dickel in Cascade Hollow. George Dickel doesn’t produce whiskey though – they make whisky, coming from the traditional Scottish spelling. While I’m not personally that into whiskey or whisky and don’t really care for the taste that much or the process that’s required for it to be made, I still found the free tour of the distillery to be quite interesting. It was too bad it was an off day though and they weren’t actually distilling any liquor for us to smell! From what I understood though, the aging process is very important for whisky and is part of the reason aged whisky is darker than less-aged whisky. Interesting, huh?

A whisky photo adventure:








One Response to “{tennessee} george dickel’s whisky”

  1. annalice said

    whoa!! how cool, never heard of whiskey distilleries before

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