do you know? table tents

April 6, 2016


Do you know what table tents are? Good try, but no, this is not it.


Table tents are those props used on a guest tables to display the menu, show today’s special, and throw up any other advertisement to entice you.  They are very low cost and fairly good marketing tool.


dadposts-tabletents3Table tents also refer to those number holders that quick-serve or self-seating restaurants give you, so that their service persons can find you and bring your food. I know very low tech, but fairly effective. How about those electronic tags that beep and flash to notify you that your table is ready, much more today’s technology? Those are actually losing a bit of popularity with restaurants. The main problem, guess how many of those electronic tags a restaurant will lose in a week? Not surprising that some are returning to the low cost, tried and true, table tents.


One Response to “do you know? table tents”

  1. annalice said

    hahah never really put much thought into these until now.

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