{tennessee} jack daniel’s lynchburg

April 9, 2016

After visiting the George Dickel distillery, we made our way over to the more well-known Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg. This was a much more crowded place and much more famous. We had so long to wait before our free (non-tasting) tour began that we even walked into the tiny town of Lynchburg to take a look. The tour guides here are super funny though and clearly know what they are doing. Lucky for us, Jack Daniels was stirring up some whiskey mash the day we visited so we definitely got a good whiff of that whiskey sour!

I learned that there are four things things that make a whiskey a Tennessee Whiskey.

1 – made of a mash that’s at least 51 percent corn
2 – aged in new charred oak barrels
3 – produced in Tennessee
4 – filtered through charcoal

A jack-type of photo adventure:




tennessee-jackdaniels4 tennessee-jackdaniels5







One Response to “{tennessee} jack daniel’s lynchburg”

  1. annalice said

    too bad it was a non-tasting tour!! but sounds fun and informative!

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