{oxford} old venice-style eats

April 16, 2016

We quickly realized while in Oxford, Mississippi that everything is very expensive, including the food! This made finding a cheap-er place to eat quite a difficult task. In the end, it’s not like we could only eat Southern food since there were lots of other places to eat Southern food, so we decided on a random food place that wasn’t rated too low on Yelp and ended up being quite a positive experience.

Old Venice Pizza Co. serves pizza, but we didn’t end up ordering any pizza. We decided to try something that would allow this establishment to serve up their special “Eclectic Italian with a Touch of Southern Creole” fare. We thought that the best way to do their would be to try their special lunch deal where you can get a sandwich and a soup for only $8.50! This turned out to be the best deal ever! I chose the BouDreaux sandwhich, which came with fries, and the Crawfish Chowder. Both turned out to be delicious! What a good decision to walk into this random establishment!

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Crawfish Chowder

BouDreaux Sandwich

One Response to “{oxford} old venice-style eats”

  1. annalice said

    who knew that southern food would be so expensive?!!

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