{oxford} faulkner’s frequented alley

April 17, 2016

Oxford is a quaint little town home to the very large Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) main campus. It is also known for being the home to Nobel Prize-novelist William Faulkner. He attended Ole Miss and frequented the streets of downtown Oxford often. In fact, there’s even an alleyway in Oxford that’s dedicated to Faulkner because he walked down this way so often!

According to a plaque posted in Faulkner Alley, “In his earlier years, William Faulkner used this alley to frequent the Gathright-Reed Drug Company, where he would borrow books from Mr. Mac Reed’s lending library. The drugstore was one of the only places his books could be purchased when he later became a published author. In recognition of the nobel prize-winning novelist, the City of Oxford dubbed the walkway Faulkner Alley in the 1980’s. The transformation of Faulkner Alley was the vision brought to life by members of the 2012 Leadership Lafayette Class. Along with the helpful hands of local artists, businesses and community leaders, Faulkner Alley was made into a must-see attraction for every Faulkner enthusiast’s visit to Oxford.”

I don’t know if it’s really a “must-see attraction”, but still, interesting.

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Art along the walls


One Response to “{oxford} faulkner’s frequented alley”

  1. annalice said

    so cool to have an alley named after you!

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