do you know? nasa audio equipment

April 20, 2016


The last time you stopped in a fast food place or went through their drive-thru lane, you might have noticed the attendants wearing headsets and talking to some back kitchen staff to get your order in. The same technology in those headsets, is packaged differently to sell to other industries, such as medical and even NASA.

Notice the circled black pack in this NASA image. It is an audio beltpac.


There is usually a microphone connected to the beltpac. The beltpac, in turn, communicates wirelessly to some central base.


NASA and the astronauts may not appreciate that they are using the same beltpac and headset as the attendants at that fast food place.

But then, maybe it’s not part of the Orion Spacecraft equipment at all. They are just ordering lunch ! Yes, space-size and hermetically-seal my burger, please.


One Response to “do you know? nasa audio equipment”

  1. annalice said

    what kind of medical people use this kind of equipment?

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