[room 113a] juna’s kimchi jar

April 21, 2016


This past week, my class read Juna’s Jar by Jane Bahk. In this book, Juna’s family always has a jar of kimchi in their refrigerator. When the family finishes the kimchi, she often gets to keep the jar. Then she goes to the park to play with the jar with her best friend Hector. The problem is that the Hector suddenly moves away and Juna feels very sad.

As the story continues, Juna’s Oppa (big brother) helps her fill her jar with various things. I love this book because it doesn’t mush Korean culture into students’ faces, but keys them into a significant culture food (kimchi). Then it uses that kimchi jar to discuss family relationships, friendship, and imagination. At the end of the week my students got their own jar (just a printed jar) and they used construction paper to cut out what they woudl fill their jars with. I think it turned out quite successfully!

Brainstorming session

Working on their kimchi jars

Proud kimchi jar creations


One Response to “[room 113a] juna’s kimchi jar”

  1. annalice said

    would have been cool if the kids got their own jar (like a mason jar), but i guess that is expensive!

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