[good reads] educator magazine

April 24, 2016


goodreads-educatorBeing a teacher in California pretty much means I’m a member of my District’s union. Unions are big here, apparently. Anyway, so I get these Educator magazines in the mail every month, but I hadn’t really read them until this past week. They were just kind of building up on my desk. Most of it is just about unions politics and the things various District unions are fighting for … pretty boring if you ask me. But, there are occasionally some interesting articles that are actual relevant to my day to day job. The story about Millennials in the March 2016 issue was interesting because it pointed out that most teachers in the system right now are either in their 20s or in their 50s. There are very few in between. This means there’s an even greater gap between the Millennials who have entered the profession and those who have been around for a long time. You can imagine the types of issues this creates! Overall though, I’m not sure if I will keep reading these magazine … just so boring!


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