{minneapolis} mall of america legos

April 27, 2016


Last month, I had the chance to visit Minneapolis for a work conference, and since I arrived a few hours early, I had to visit Minneapolis’ most famous landmark: the Mall of America. The first for many years until the mall in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania beat it out, the Mall of America is enormous, complete with an indoor amusement park and many indoor attractions and stores. If you spent 10 minutes in every store, apparently it would take you 80 hours to get through the entire mall!

Of course, I only had a couple hours, so I only hit up the top “must-see” stores, including the giant Lego store. There were many life-size Lego statues throughout, in front of, and on top of the store. Take a look!

The store front – look at how big those structures are on top of the room, made entirely of Legos!

A Lego girl greeting me inside the store

The Lego Pick & Build Wall, with Legos of every imaginable size, shape and color

What a fun store – it was like Lego heaven! Stay tuned next month to hear about the Mall of America’s Peep store!


One Response to “{minneapolis} mall of america legos”

  1. annalice said

    wow thats so cool!! so many things can be accomplished with legos

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