{memphis} lunchbox eats

May 2, 2016

Have you ever been to any of those super themed restaurants? Sometimes I think they’re a little cheesy, but this one seemed alright. Lunchbox Eats is all based around the idea of school. There are old fashioned desks, the menus are printed on lined papers, there are tiny pencils to use, school rules are posted on the wall, and even the food items are school-related. For example, we ordered the School Bully Crawfish Sloppy Joe and Leadership Mac & Pork Club – creative, huh? This place is located right downtown, very close to the Grizzlies stadium so parking was a little difficult on a game day, but the food was quite delicious!

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Love the school references

Menu on lined paper

School Bully Crawfish Sloppy Joe and Squash Casserole (left)

Leadership Mac & Pork Club


One Response to “{memphis} lunchbox eats”

  1. annalice said

    ive never been to a themed restaurant but seems awesome!

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