[room 113a] reading library

May 5, 2016


Earlier this week, we went on a short field trip on our neighborhood. We walked up the hill (hey, it is San Francisco) and over a few blocks to our closest public library branch. We went on this adventure with one of the other kindergarten classes so we all say together while the librarian read the classes a book, gave us a mini tour of the children’s section, then let the kids roam free to find books. It actually went really well I feel. My students really got the hang of finding a book, reading it, then putting it on the table instead of trying to stick it back into the shelves. After the library, we happened to be next door to a neighborhood grocery story so I decided to elongate the trip a little bit and we visited the store to check out all the foods that were in stock. I think they were especially impressed with the seafood and salami selections! Haha!

Sitting with the other class and listening to the library read a book

We love reading!

Into the dinosaur books

Very impressed with the seafood

Checking out the salami selection

2 Responses to “[room 113a] reading library”

  1. annalice said

    do you have all the children hold onto a rope when walking on field trips?

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