{memphis} the pink palace

May 10, 2016

During our stay at the one and only hostel in Memphis, we were looking around the brochures laying around and discovered that the Pink Palace Museum has free entry on Tuesdays after 1 pm. Since we happened to be in Memphis on a Tuesday, we decided that this would be a perfect adventure for us. The museum is located inside a mansion that reflects what life was like during the 20th Century, like the original Piggly Wiggly store!

The Pink Palace Museum is part of the Pink Palace Family of Museums, which includes the Pink Palace Museum, the CTI Giant 3D Theater, the Autozone Dome Sharpe Planetarium, the Lichterman Nature Center, the Coon Creek Science Center, and the Historic Houses. The mission of all these is “to inspire visitors to discover human cultures, the natural world, technology and the universe.”

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A pink photo adventure:









One Response to “{memphis} the pink palace”

  1. annalice said

    gotta love free admissions!

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