[room 113a] elephant’s friend from india

May 12, 2016


Since we’ve been ending our year learning about different Asian countries and reading stories from these countries, of course we couldn’t leave out India! From India, we read the story of the Elephant’s Friend. Once there was an elephant who lived in the lap of luxury. Outside the palace walls lived a starving dog who could smell the delicious aroma of the rice that the elephant ate every day. One day he got a chance to sneak into the palace and became friends with the elephant. They were inseparable until the elephant’s keeper sold the dog! From then on, the elephant became so sad! What do you think happened? Of course, after some trials, the elephant and his dear friend the dog were reunited! Do you like our awesome elephant?



One Response to “[room 113a] elephant’s friend from india”

  1. annalice said

    ooo i like the idea of decorating plates! this must be a huge elephant!

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