{arkansas} park adventures

May 15, 2016

You might be surprised to read this, but Arkansas has never really been on my list of places to visit. This might be because it’s far away from most places I’ve been to, or perhaps it just doesn’t seem that exciting although I’m sure Bill Clinton put it on the map at least a little bit. But really, I think it’s just because I’ve never understood its name. We pronounce Kansas like this: [kan-zuh s] but Arkansas has the word Kansas in it and it sounds nothing alike. Growing up, I really thought Arkansas was pronounced Ar-Kansas, which made more sense to me than [ahr-kuh n-saw]. Anyway, since I was in west Tennessee, hopping over the Mississippi River and getting a chance to say that I’ve been to Ar-Kansas was super easy, so I did it! Granted I really only visited one city and that one city (in Arkansas) happened to be named West Memphis (haha), but I still say it counts!

An Ar-Kansas photo adventure:






One Response to “{arkansas} park adventures”

  1. annalice said

    SUCH a random state

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