{sf} over the moon for ice cream

May 24, 2016

After snacking it up over at Causwells, I was walking along in the Marina District when I saw Over the Moon Ice Cream & Cookies and just knew that I had to stop in for some ice cream! According to their website, Over the Moon is “a San Francisco creamery with a retro bent. Serving up house made ice cream, plain frozen yogurt, and, fresh baked cookies inspired by Grandma Millie.” The Australian man behind the counter let everyone try as many flavors as they wanted before making a decision. I know I got Honey Lavender (because that’s become one of my favorites now), but I honestly can’t remember what the other flavor on my cone was! It’s shocking, I know! Anyway, no matter what the flavor was, it was just delicious!


Ice cream cones!


2 Responses to “{sf} over the moon for ice cream”

  1. annalice said

    you can’t remember the other flavor?!?! 😮

  2. […] {sf} over the moon for ice cream […]

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