{minneapolis} giant peeps!

May 25, 2016


As I mentioned last month, I had the chance in March to visit the Mall of America outside of Minneapolis, MN. One of the other specialty stores, besides the Lego store, was the giant Peep store! My visit was well timed, as it was right after Easter Sunday, which is often the time people eat these sugar coated marshmallow Peep treats, so the store was fully decked out.


The Peep storefront. I can’t imagine a kid would be able to walk by this store without wanting to go inside!


A colorful Peep display! And Peep-themed paraphernalia of all sorts. My favorite are definitely the Peep shaped giant stuffed animals – both bunny and chick shaped.

To be honest, Peeps aren’t my favorite and I almost never eat them, but this Peep-themed store was definitely worth looking at!


One Response to “{minneapolis} giant peeps!”

  1. annalice said

    i like peeps!! hahah the stuffed animals are so funny

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