{park city} fancy is chimayo

June 2, 2016

We decided that while in Park City, we would try one nice restaurant. This was hard since most of the restaurants in the downtown area are quite expensive. In the end, we decided on Chimayo. We made a reservation and everything since we figured the place would be quite packed. Sitting down, we were a bit surprised by the prices, because they were quite a bit lower on Yelp and not listed online (which I guess should have been a sign). Nevertheless, we went ahead and decided on what we were going to order. The waiter, though, never came around! Eventually, the manager (who had seated us) came by and asked if our server had come and we replied, “no”. She quickly got the server and we ordered and things were then fine. Some time later into the meal, the manager came back and told us that the restaurant was going to comp our entrees for the evening due to the lack of service! This turned out to be our cheapest fancy meal ever! The food, was also deliciously creative! Yum!

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Fancy place with metal (pewter?) cups and plates

Yummy bread

Tuna Tartar Duo

Black Cod

Wild Mushroom Enchilada

Interesting ambiance


One Response to “{park city} fancy is chimayo”

  1. annalice said

    wow so lucky!! i have had bad service before but no one ever compensated for it!

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