{park city} ride park city + canyons

June 4, 2016

We planned on staying in Park City for three days during our time in Utah. This meant three days on the slopes and three evenings figuring out way to occupy ourselves. Here’s how the slopes part of the 3-day stay went at Park City Resort (both the Park City and Canyons sides).

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Day 1 • Park City
It started flurrying in the morning and I didn’t think much of it, but it got harder and harder. Visibility was clearly an issue and eventually we had to stop riding because when the wind blew and the snow was really coming down, it was quite dangerous to be riding down unfamiliar runs.


Day 2 • Canyons
The second day was absolutely gorgeous. There was still a bit of snow coming down some parts of the day, but Canyons was like a winter wonderland. There was so much powder! I know many people enjoy this, but it’s not my personal favorite.



Day 3 • Canyons
In the end, we decided the Canyons side of the resort was better than Park City, which seemed flatter and better suited for skiers who have the ability to use their poles to push on flatter sections. Canyons has the funnest lift called the Orange Bubble, which literally envelopes you inside an orange bubble. Even the seats are heated! What a treat!




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  1. annalice said

    absolutely stunning!!!

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