[good reads] nbct standards

June 12, 2016


goodreads-nbctstandards Ever since the school year ended, I feel like I’ve been back in school. Day and night it’s been reading the National Board for Professional Teaching Exceptional Needs Standards in preparation for my big NBCT test. The 12 standards written for Special Education teachers are supposed to cover everything! It’s stressful reading the standards over and over again, nothing in hopes of memorizing them, but internalizing the message so that I can spit out multiple choice and essay question answers to their satisfaction.

While I usually do fine on standardized tests, I do appreciate that National Board certification doesn’t just depend on my ability to read these standards and answer test questions. In fact, more of it depends on the videos and writings I sent in describing how I teach and explaining why I do what I do. Hopefully all this reading pays off during the test so I don’t have to take it again!


One Response to “[good reads] nbct standards”

  1. annalice said

    oh, thats good that it doesnt just depend on the standardized portions!!

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