{slc} only breakfast at rye

June 19, 2016

I like Rye was one of my favorite places to eat in Salt Lake City. I loved how modern and creative the menu was. The service was also good, and it looked like people were really enjoying themselves both at the bar around the kitchen in back and at the various tables, which were spread out enough that everyone had space (this is key!). Both the Veggie Breakfast Bowl and the Waffle & Whiskey were quite delicious. I was really impressed with the whiskey syrup; it worked well with the kind of plain waffle, which was made “fancy” with the fried egg on top. The flavors of the mushrooms in the veggie bowl were also impressive and really made the entire bowl meld together. Yum! I would definitely go there again, or try this place out for dinner, too!

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Rustic on rustic


Veggie Breakfast Bowl

Waffle and Whiskey


One Response to “{slc} only breakfast at rye”

  1. annalice said

    waffle and whiskey, hm and interesting combination

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