{slc} umoca time

June 20, 2016

I love contemporary art museums. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art was one of my favorites because I could get free Culture Passes from the Phoenix Public Library and visit for free. While in Salt Lake City, we decided to stop by the The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, especially since it was pay by donation, which meant we could visit for free (though we did give a couple of dollars as we left). I was quite impressed with some of the exhibits and displays UMOCA and equally confused at others. I feel this is often the case at contemporary art museums since so many of them are commentary of subjects I’m not familiar with or use symbolism that I don’t understand.

My favorite piece was Dan Mills’ US Future States Atlas in the Ideologue exhibit. According to the exhibit description, Ideologue explores power relationships in the cultural and political realms by bringing together nine artists’ work who use humor and hyperbole to address platforms of ideology. Dan Mills’ US Future States Atlas is commentary on the US mentality of power, which was super interesting because he essentially took existing countries or parts of the world and added them to the United States and explained why each was beneficial to the US. My description does no justice to his atlas, but if you ever get a chance, I would totally check it out!

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A u-art photo adventure:








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