{sf} futuristic eatsa

June 22, 2016


Have you ever been to a restaurant where you didn’t have to interact with a server or cashier to pay and get your food? Apparently, this is the model of food for the future. A store called Eatsa can be found in the Financial District of San Francisco, and uses an electronic tablet system to pay so that customers come in, choose their meal on the screen, pay with credit/debit, and then a few minutes later, their food appears in a glass cubby for pick-up. Eatsa offers a selection of quinoa bowls that are vegetarian and quite healthy!

Automated ordering stations

The wall of glass cubbies! 


When my order was ready, my name shows up on the glass cubby, which you tap twice in the corner in order for the door to swing open, so you can grab your food! Within a couple minutes of ordering, I had my “Chili con Quinoa” bowl and Sparkling ginger lime drink all ready to go!

It felt a little futuristic, like I could not be sure what was behind the wall of cubbies (who knows if it was robots back there making my food?) but I will say the food was definitely delicious, and well worth the price of just $6.95 per bowl! I will definitely be paying eatsa another visit on my next trip to SF.


2 Responses to “{sf} futuristic eatsa”

  1. skwchang said

    ignore that person (robot) behind the (curtain) cubbie wall

  2. annalice said

    that is so awesome!! i want to visit this place

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