{nyc} wisefish poké

June 29, 2016


A few weeks ago, I was walking back from a class trip in Chelsea and I saw a sign with the cutest fish logo and I immediately bookmarked the place on my Yelp app. Although, I wasn’t exactly sure what poké was, it sounded familiar and the logo and font were too cute. I knew I had to visit soon!

Image courtesy of Wisefish Poké

After looking it up, I found out that poké is a raw fish salad served as a Hawaiian appetizer. It sounded delicious! A few days later, my sister visited from Connecticut and I requested that we try Wisefish. It was a pretty small, but decently sized, shop. The ordering process was Chipotle-esque, in that you choose a base, a protein, and mix-ins. In addition, you also choose a sauce and toppings. I chose the snack size, as I wasn’t too hungry, and decided to build my own bowl instead of choosing one of their house favorites. I chose the brown rice base, ahi tuna, basically every mix-in and topping, and their wisefish sauce.


The whole setting was nicely decorated. They had many succulents and I loved their lit “poké” sign. It was nice and cozy and had a very laidback feel to it.



I recommend Wisefish if poké is something you are interested in! It was fresh and clean, decently priced, and overall, a pleasant eating experience.


2 Responses to “{nyc} wisefish poké”

  1. Anisa said

    I haven’t had poke before so will have to check it out.

  2. annalice said

    i went with you!! it was ok…learned that I am not a huge fan of poke haha

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