today’s organizational paradigm: agile development or scrum methodology

July 6, 2016


In today’s ever changing environment, an Agile method has got to be good!? After all, you are agile, you must be well positioned to meet your customer’s demands, technology advances, and competitive pressure.

Agile development or Scrum framework actually describe a method of creating and prioritizing a list of desired attributes for your products or services. The attributes are then divided up into smaller achievable objectives. A set of these objectives are then selected and designated to be worked on (designed, developed, produced, etc.) in a set time session, called Sprints. Those objectives not achieved after Sprint #1, are put back into the objective list (backlog). A new set of objectives are selected for Sprint #2. And the iteration continues until time runs out or funds run out, or both.


One advantages of Agile is that at the end of each Sprint, you have a set of objectives that were 100% achieved. These 100% achieved objective should give you a sellable product or a deployable service. It may not have all the attributes you wanted, but it has a set of attributes that are 100% complete, rather than a whole lot of 90% finished attributes which does not constitute a sellable product.

If Agile is so good, why don’t we all adopt this methodology? What are the disadvantages? We will take a deeper look in a future post.


One Response to “today’s organizational paradigm: agile development or scrum methodology”

  1. Annalice Chang said

    is this the methodology that your company uses?

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