{oakland} boot + shoe eats

July 9, 2016

I’m told that Boot & Shoe in Oakland has some of the best brunch ever. Of course after hearing this, I had to give this place a try! While I remain confused about the name of this restaurant, I am definitely not confused about the food at this establishment. While there’s usually a wait, we were lucky and entered at just the right time so we only had to wait a few short minutes before getting seated. Right away, we could see a creative and interesting daily menu that serves up this place’s famous pizza, but also so many other options. In the end, we chose two brunch-ish plates that turned out to be quite delicious. I am certain the savory crepes were better than the asparagus hollandaise, but both really were quite good. What wasn’t good was the service though … I just felt like the server was a little standoffish and rude. Not good!



Savory crepe-like thing with stuffed with ricotta

Asparagus, spinach, and tiny potatoes with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce


One Response to “{oakland} boot + shoe eats”

  1. Annalice Chang said

    brunch is the best meal of the day! always lucky when you find a good brunch place

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