{narita} famous for unagi

July 17, 2016

When I told my friend who lives in Japan (Tokyo, so there wasn’t time to go see him) that I was going to walk around Narita, he suggested that I go get myself some unagi, eel, which is famous in this city. I did end up eating some, but that wasn’t even the best part. The best, or perhaps most interesting, was standing outside the unagi restaurant and watching the butchers (?) bop the eel on the head, stake the head, skin it, pull the guts out, and then skewer the meat for grilling. It’s such a complicated process that they have a perfect assembly line set up to complete so that more and more unagi get onto the grill. On the other side, you can walk by and watch the unagi grill in the window. So neat!

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Preparing the unagi

Grilling the unagi


One Response to “{narita} famous for unagi”

  1. Annalice Chang said

    ahhh! so barbaric but I guess very fresh

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