{narita} shinshoji temple

July 18, 2016

One of the main attractions in Narita is the Shinshoji Temple. This place is huge! Walking up, you can’t help but think about how long it must have taken to build this beautiful place where so much spiritual stuff happens. It’s interesting for me to think about how they decide where each part of the temple needs to be and where the bells, drums, shrines, and wishes are supposed to be located.

One of the most interesting parts though was the chance to witness part of a chanting ceremony in the main temple. No pictures are allowed so I can’t show you what it looked like, and even though I’m not Buddhist, I still thought it was a neat experience. All the monks were chanting and drumming and bowing at specific times. I wonder if they practice or learn how do these things. Are there novice monks that can’t participate in the ceremony until they’ve practiced long enough?

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A temple photo adventure:













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