{penang} a tunnel through time

July 21, 2016

Penang was my first stop in my trip to Malaysia. I arrived in Butterworth then took the ferry over to George Town. Upon arrival, I didn’t have a place to stay yet, but when I started wandering around, I walked by the Penang Time Tunnel History Museum, which intrigued me so I decided to pay the minimal entrance fee and take a look around.

This place is set up in 2 parts. First, you walk through a long tunnel like maze and learn all about Penang and Malaysian history. It was interesting to learn about the different phases in Penang’s history and the important characters that made this place what it is today. For example, I had no idea Dr. Sun Yat Sen had a history on the island of Penang.

After all that historical learning, you end up in a series of rooms (set up like a street) that feature 3D murals (some upside down to create an illusion of anti-gravity) that you can take pictures with. They are considered 3D because you can interact with them and it looks like you are a part of the mural. This is famous in Penang and there are murals all around the city of George Town that feature this type of interactive art. What a great introduction to my time here in Malaysia!

A timely photo adventure:










3 Responses to “{penang} a tunnel through time”

  1. zzzisle said

    may i know how long would it take to tour this museum? is it crowded with tourists? is the visit to this museum worth the money and time?

    • allisence said

      It took a little over an hour. I think it was totally worth the money because it gave you a good idea of where you were visiting, plus at the end you can take lots of fun pictures with the 3D murals!

  2. Annalice Chang said

    cant wait to hear about your malaysian adventures!

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