[good reads] the short drop

July 24, 2016


goodreads-shortdropLast week I read a book that’s very unlike me. In fact, I was a little bit worried about starting it because I don’t like thrillers … they scare me! Perhaps my imagination is a bit too intense, but I always feel like when I’m reading a good book, that I become a part of it and then even when it’s over or I turn the page, it’s still happening.

Anyway, I was recommended The Short Drop by Matthew Fitzsimmons. Since I was on a really long plane ride, I decided to read it because otherwise the plane ride was looking to be extra boring! At first, this book has a lot of characters so it’s a bit slower going in the beginning to get everyone straight as you’re introduced to each individual. Then, as you start to realize how everyone is connected, it becomes easier because the story definitely speeds way up! For sure this is one of those thrillers because there are individuals after other individuals though not necessarily super gruesome. I would definitely recommend reading this book even if it’s a bit outside your regular radar! Besides, you want to find out that happens to each of the strange characters that don’t seem all that connected in the beginning, don’t you?


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