{penang} hidden cakes @ china house

July 25, 2016

While in Penang, my friend who is Malaysian and has spent a lot of time in the city of George Town brought me to a café-esque place called China House. This place is a little bit hidden though I think if you go through the other entrance it’s not as hard to find though no less confusing. We came here for a snack and found the largest assortment of cakes and pies that I’ve ever seen! There were just so many different options I could hardly make a choice! I mean, I have a hard enough time making a decision when there are 5 options let alone 50!

Cakes aren’t the only thing this place has though. China House is actually a compound consisting of three buildings linked by an open air courtyard. According to their website, it comprises 14 spaces including shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries, live museum, and a bakery. So of course they bake all those cakes and pies in house!

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A hidden photo adventure:







One Response to “{penang} hidden cakes @ china house”

  1. Annalice Chang said

    yummm i wantt, malaysia seems to have a lot of chinese influence

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