{penang} jetty village

July 26, 2016

There are six, formerly seven prior to a fire, clan jetties on Penang’s water edge. These jetties, more like villages, are named after various Chinese settlements and clans (families) who have a history of bitter fights. The clan jetties sprang up after the major port in Penang was created and people wanted to live near the port where they worked. They’re iconic with homes held above the water on tall stilts and wooden plank walkways. I visited the Chew Jetty, which is by far the most tourist family. There are many little shops along the main walkway as well as what are clearly still homes. It was so interesting to walk along the wooden walkways above the water and imagine what it would have been/how it is now to live here, but of course, only if you’re in the right clan … and since my last name doesn’t fit any of them, I would for sure not be welcome!

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A jetty photo adventure:











2 Responses to “{penang} jetty village”

  1. Annalice Chang said

    wow, how did you learn about all this history?

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