{san diego} ikebana flower show

July 27, 2016


A few months ago, I went with my mom to see an Ikebana Flower Show happening in Balboa Park. Ikebana is a Japanese floral arrangement art form and technique that has been practiced for more than 600 years, promoting the principles of tranquility and friendship through flowers. Take a look at some of the arrangements!


We were able to catch one of several live demonstrations at the show.


The very large arrangement made from branches, arranged by the Grand Master of the Ohara Ikebana Society of San Diego, Akiko Bourland.


It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this is a collection of very small arrangements, made by Ken Fernandes. Each of these dishes was around the size of a thimble!


I had never heard of Ikebana floral arrangements before! Although I was not particularly impressed with some of the arrangements, there were some that were very pretty. Here is one of the many arrangements from around the room.

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  1. Annalice Chang said

    pretty random yinger

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