{penang} local hawker eats

July 28, 2016

The eats in Penang are amazing. This is where people go to eat some real Malaysian street food and this is probably the best place I ate in all of Malaysia. The prices were so low and the food so delicious and abundant that I just couldn’t help myself from eating a bit too much! Take a food adventure with me as I reminisce and my taste buds water!

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Indian Samosas – Deliciously fried with savory filling

Indian Samosas – Onions and peppers and such

Indian Samosa – This one was filled with egg!

Naan – Indian fried bread-ish


Cendol – Made with coconut milk, rice flour jelly with green food coloring, shaved ice, palm sugar

Dry noodles

Freshly-pressed pineapple juice!

Seafood noodle soup


One Response to “{penang} local hawker eats”

  1. Annalice Chang said

    wow, all that food seriously look so amazing! jealous!

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