{harbin} welcome hail

August 3, 2016


On a visit to Harbin, China, we were welcomed by hail storm (12 June 2016). According to the locals, hail of this ferocity is very unusual for Harbin. The heaviest hail happened when we were still in the air. When we landed, the sky had begun to clear, there were still marble-sized ice pellets on window sill and on the ground.



Harbin traffic is usually not heavy. However, the aftermath of the hail storm was flash flooding and snarled traffic. There were also reports of overflown sewers. Welcome to Harbin.




2 Responses to “{harbin} welcome hail”

  1. attrace said

    Was it a very rocky landing then? Also, ew, overflowing sewer smell!

  2. annalice said

    so dangerous!! also kinda cool!

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