{harbin} china’s northeast

August 17, 2016


Harbin is located in the northeast corner of China. The northeast region is comprised of three provinces, HeiLongJiang JiLin, and LiaoNing. The region borders Russia to the north and east, and North Korea to the south.


As expected, near the Russian border, there are visible Russian influences such as these domed buildings.


Street signs and stores display Russian for the tourists. Although, as I walked around, I saw only Chinese, no Caucasians.



Near the Korean border, we see similar catering to Korean tourists.

Railway station displays Chinese on the left and Korean on the right. On the trains, as we approached stops near the border, Korean language announcements started to be broadcasted.


Bank posting its hours in both Chinese and Korean, with some English mixed in.



On a tour bus, there were a party of Korean tourists. Although, I doubt they were from North Korea, most likely South Koreans, given the near total isolation of North Korea. China actually distinguishes the two Koreas by calling North Korea, ChaoXian (朝鲜) which is an ancient Chinese term for Korea; and it calls South Korea, just Korea (韩国).


3 Responses to “{harbin} china’s northeast”

  1. allisence said

    So strange that there would be so much Russian there!

  2. annalice said

    it never occurred to me that china borders russia and north korea! pretty cool you guys got close to both borders

  3. skwchang said

    more reports on the Russian and North Korean boarders to follow

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