{slo} old san luis-style bbq

August 22, 2016

When in San Luis Obispo, eat Old San Luis-style BBQ – makes sense, right?

Well, when my parents and I were visiting San Luis Obispo we thought this made a lot of sense so we decided to give this well-known SLO eatery a try. It actually took us a few minutes to find this place because we saw the sign and then didn’t realize that the order window was actually on the outside of the building. There are a few seats inside but most people, I guess, sit outside to enjoy the nice weather and delicious BBQ. I think what makes Old San Luis BBQ Co. stand out is its BBQ sauce. Personally, I thought it was quite tasty though I’m sure someone who is more BBQ-literate might not agree with me. I guess you’ll have to try this place out for yourself next time you happen to be in SLO!


Order window

Tri-tip Salad

Pit Plate: Tri-tip

Tri-tip sandwich


One Response to “{slo} old san luis-style bbq”

  1. annalice said

    i can guess which dish was mamies hahah

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