{avila beach} tasting morovino

August 23, 2016

Avila Beach is quite near San Luis Obispo. During our time in the area, my parents and I thought that we could do some wine tasting. The Central Coast is supposed to have lots of that kind of stuff. Since it was already a bit late in the day, we didn’t have that many options. In the end, we decided to drive over to Avila Beach and try Morovino Winery‘s $10 tasting. I vaguely recognized Morovino’s label with its colorful bird and was excited to try some of what they had to offer. We got to try a total of five wines: their 2013 Pinot Grigio, 2013 Cosa Dolce (Riesling), 2012 Sangiovese, 2012 Pinot Noir, the 2012 Dolcetto, and the Teroso (Quattro). I’m not exactly sure which one was my favorite, but I do remember the Teroso (Quattro) was deliciously chocolatey and had amazing raspberry notes that I could actually taste. What a great way to end the tasting!


So much information about these wines!




2 Responses to “{avila beach} tasting morovino”

  1. annalice said

    ooo i didnt realize you guys went wine tasting there! how was it compared to napa?

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