{san diego} seaworld bubble show

August 24, 2016


One of my good friends worked at SeaWorld last summer and so at the end of the year, I purchased a discount season pass from her for 2016, and I have found myself at the park on average about once a month this year.

This summer, they had some special “Summer Vibes” performances, one of which was the “Gazillion Bubble Show,” To be honest, the description made it sound kind of lame, but I was actually really impressed. Take a look!

Can you see the bubbles INSIDE the bubble? The performer also reached in and took the inside bubbles back out. This was just one of his tricks.

A bubble table!

The grand finale – a gazillion bubbles, as the show is aptly named! It was so cool!

I’m not sure if I would pay big bucks to see this, but for a free show included in my season ticket, I was definitely pleased!

As a side note, I’m headed to Philadelphia to start graduate school next week, so this will be my last post from San Diego for awhile; but don’t worry, you have exciting posts from Philly to look forward to!


One Response to “{san diego} seaworld bubble show”

  1. annalice said

    how much was the season pass? do you think it was worth it?

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